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Come for dinner or call an Annie’s near you to place your order. 10:30am - 10:30pm. Delivery is free.* *DELIVERY AREA: Annie’s delivers for free between Line 5 subway (west) and the east 5th Ring Road. If you live outside of this area and wish to order, give your nearest Annie’s a call for price details.

  • Annie's Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园店 010 6591 1931 This was the first Annie’s to open up way back in 1999. Recently refurbished, it’s our biggest restaurant and perfect for families and parties! Where am I? West Gate of Chaoyang Park
  • Annie's Sanlitun 三里屯店 010 8587 1469 Conveniently located in the heart of Sanlitun, this stylish, open plan restaurant is equally suited to business lunches and romantic dinners. Where am I? China View Building, opposite East Gate of Workers’ Stadium
  • Annie's Ritan Park 日坛上街店 010 8569 3031 Kids coming to Annie’s Ritan are greeted by two chirpy feathery friends – our parrots! With views over Ritan High Life, it’s a great spot for a romantic meal, and our large party rooms are ideal for functions and events. Where am I? Ritan High Life, 3F, north of Ritan Park
  • Annie's The Place 光华国际店 010 8590 6428 One of our newest locations, this elegant dining space is perfectly situated for residents of Central Park and its surroundings, and features a big veranda for the warmer months. Where am I? East of The Place, just south of Central Park
  • Annie’s Sunshine 100 阳光100店 010 8589 8366 Come here for a chilled out café atmosphere and all your favourite Annie’s dishes. Great for couples and small groups. Where am I? Guanghua Lu, opposite Sunshine 100 Building
  • Annie's Beijing Riviera 香江花园店 010 8470 4768 Far from the noise of the city, relax and recuperate here over a glass of wine and authentic Italian food. Kids will love the play area too. Where am I? West Gate of Chaoyang Park
  • Annie's Lido 丽都店 010 6436 3735 Annie’s Lido is a great place to soak up the afternoon sun through our tall windows. And check out our pizza oven - the biggest in town! Where am I? Jiangtai Lu, opposite United Family Hospital
  • Annie's Wangjing 望京奔驰大厦 010 8476 0398 Annie’s newest location is inside the prestigious headquarters of Mercedes Benz China in the heart of Wangjing. Where am I? 2F, beside the Daimler Tower, LSH Plaza, at no. 8 Wangjing Jie
  • Annie's Guomao 国贸店 010 6568 5890 In the heart of the busy CBD, Annie’s Guomao is the place to seal your deals over lunch or dinner, or hold intimate meetings and events in the private room. Where am I? Ruisai Business Building (southwest of Guomao subway)

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